RV Camping & Tenting
The Way Mom & Pop Used To Do It

Coombs Country Campground is a 34 acre RV park and campground where you eat Irish stew straight from the can and get up at the crack of noon.

Located 5 mins from both Parksville and Qualicum Beach on the way to Tofino we are close to shopping, golf courses and beaches, although we’re pretty sure a day or two of burgers, beers and a bone-hard bed will significantly dull the urge.  

But you’re good. This is the life of a camper. It’s what you signed up for; the smell of red cedar, children shrieking, and the familiar burn of poison ivy spreading down your legs. 

Every one of our 100 fully and partially serviced campsites promises a unique long-lasting memory that will cause red-faced denials and belly laughs once the therapy sessions kick in.

So come join us for some good ol’ fashioned camping on Vancouver Island. 

Welcome! Say Hello To Our Staff

Hi I’m Laura the Camper-in-Chief!

When you come to Coombs County Campground you’ll likely run into myself or Mike at the front desk.

Like all staff at CCC we’ll be hard to miss in our bright red Coombs Country Campground t-shirts.

All of the staff are here to help you so if you have questions or comments please talk to us, we don’t bite!  

Finally, in November 2019, Coombs Country Campground changed hands and is now under new management.

The new owners are a local family who have lived and worked in the area for more than 30 years.

We want to welcome you and say how extremely excited we are about this opportunity to help make memories that will last a lifetime!

Coombs Country Campground

2619 Alberni Hwy,
Coombs, BC
V0R 1M0

(250) 248-9371