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Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: https://coombscampground.com

This is the website for the registered business Coombs Country Campground


What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Cookies & Analytics

This website uses cookies to track user demographics so that Coombs Country Campground can provide better user experience. User demographics are tracked through the use of Google Analytics and can include information like user location and time spent browsing this website. Please refer to the Google Analytics Privacy Policy for details about information collected through tracking. 


Who we share your data with

Coombs Country Campground collects data only to provide better user experience. We never sell your data and do not use it for marketing purposes. As stated above, Google Analytics is used to track website users and so this information is shared with Google. No other third party agencies or organizations have access to user information. 


How long we retain your data

User tracking data collected by our use of Google Analytics is retained for 26 months. 


What rights you have over your data

At any time you may email Coombs Country Campground (info@coombscampground.com) to request that your user data be deleted from the Coombs Country Campground Google Analytics account. Data will be deleted from the website repository within 72 hours and will be further deleted from Google Analytics during the next deletion cycle.